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International Pilot Program

Air Fleet Training Systems has trained over 3,000 international students since we opened in 1991. Our procedures have streamlined the process for getting started into a few steps. We have plenty of bilingual instructors to help you get started. If you’re interested in becoming a student pilot in New Jersey, we can customize a program just for you.

M-1 Student Visa

Air Fleet excels at assisting the needs of internationals students, including lodging. Students who are not US citizens and reside in foreign countries/or are visiting from foreign countries must obtain an M-1 student visa prior to beginning their training at Air Fleet Training System. The visa process consists of the following steps:

  1. The Air Fleet Training Admissions Department holds a telephone/Skype consultation with the student to gather required information and go over the review training requirements and visa process.
  2. Student pays $150 application fee to Air Fleet. Air Fleet Training applies for an I-20 on the student’s behalf. Air Fleet Training mails the original signed I-20 form to the student.
  3. Student submits I-901 form online and pay $200 for it.
  4. Student applies to the local US Consulate for his/her visa interview. The student can arrange for the interview while the I-20 is still in transit, but the visa interview must be least 10 days after the date the I-20 was applied for to allow sufficient time for the student to receive the I-20.
  5. Student attends the visa interview at the local US Consulate or embassy, making sure to arrive with all required documentation. Student receives visa.

For more information on the M-1 student visa application, please visit

If you have any questions on becoming a student pilot in New Jersey at our facility, feel free to contact us.


Housing For
International Students
  • Affordable Housing for Single Students
  • Within Minutes from the Training Center
  • All Utilities Included
  • Wi-Fi Internet and Cable TV
  • The Perfect Balance Between Dormitory and Independent Living

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