Instrument Refresher Course

If you’ve allowed your instrument currency to lapse, you can get it back quickly and efficiently at Air Fleet Training Systems proficiency training. We offer a thorough and professional Instrument Proficiency Check which is divided into three phases including ground instruction, simulator, and airplane.  The amount of time that’s passed since your currency lapsed (and your previous experience level) will determine how much training you will need to complete the IPC.   The course will thoroughly cover all aspects of instrument flying and help you to regain your confidence and skills to fly safely in IFR conditions.


Biennial Flight Review (BFR)

All pilot’s must complete a BFR every two years to maintain currency of their pilot certificate.  Air Fleet offers a BFR course consisting of two hours ground review and a two hour flight review for pilots who have not allowed their currency to lapse and have maintained proficiency.  Pilot’s who have not flown in an extended period of time may need to obtain additional training to achieve the required level of proficiency.

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