Air Fleet Training Systems is an authorized FAA Computerized Written Test Center.

PLEASE CALL CATS Exam Registration: 1-800-947-4228 or visit the website for more information:

The Testing Center at AirFleet is open 7 days a week from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.

Payment can be done directly to CATS over the phone by using a credit card.
Alternatively, you can pay at AirFleet by credit card, check or cash before the exam.
AOPA members receive a discount.

Identity Verification
Each applicant must have valid and current proof of identification that includes:
– An official photograph of the applicant,
– The applicant’s date of birth,
– The applicant’s signature,
– The applicant’s physical residential address.

Acceptable Forms of Identification:
US citizens and resident aliens:
– Driver’s license issued by a US state or territory,
– US Government Identification Card,
– US Military Identification Card,
– Passport or Alien Residency Card.

Non US citizens:
– Must have passport
– Identification card issued by any government entity.