Aleksandr Filatov

Commercial Rating Student

Florian Otto

German Pilot

Maciej Rogozinski

Private Pilot | Instrument Rating Student

After doing thorough research about all of the flight schools in the North New Jersey area, reading countless testimonials, and ultimately visiting the flight school, I knew that Air Fleet Training Systems was hands down the best flight school in the area. With a warm and welcoming staff of extraordinarily enthusiastic and qualified instructors, I felt comfortable doing my training with Air Fleet. From the moment I walked into the flight school to the day of my checkride, and currently with my instrument rating training, I have always felt like I am a part of the Air Fleet family. I look forward to continuing my training with them and renting from their modern Cessna fleet!

Damian S. Harasiuk

Learjet First Officer, Part 135 Charter Operator

I have rented aircraft and flown with various instructors and pilots from Air Fleet, and I am very delighted how professional, personable and knowledgeable they are!The aircraft are clean, very well maintained and reliable. No skimping out on maintenance here!

Choya Ramnan

Commercial Pilot

There is no doubt that Air Fleet Training Systems is the best flight school I have trained at. I have been to more than my fair share of flight schools throughout the country, and I have not found another flight school which can rival the patience, friendliness and overall love of flying exhibited by each and every member of the Air Fleet team. Learning to fly in the New York airspace (the busiest on the planet) has made me a polished, complete pilot, capable of handling anything ATC could throw at me.Air Fleet is truly an international school; I have been able to meet so many different people from so many different cultures, and we were all driven together by our shared love of aviation. Air Fleet Training Systems is the school to choose if you want to become an outstanding pilot.

Sebastian Ibanez

Chilean Air Force Helicopter, Fixed Wing Pilot and Instrument Flight Instructor

In Native Spanish LanguageMuchas gracias a Air Fleet por un excelente entrenamiento para la obtención de mi licencia de Piloto Comercial en Multimotor en un periodo de 3 semanas (PA-30). La academia cuenta con una moderna flota de aeronaves y equipamientos para la ayuda a la instrucción. Del mismo modo gran calidad de instructores dispuestos a enseñar de buena forma para lograr buenos resultados. Fue muy grato el intercambio de experiencia con el resto de los pilotos que por distintos motivos se encontraban en la academia. Gracias nuevamente al equipo de Air Fleet por hacerme sentir como en casa.

Translated to English

Thanks a lot to Air Fleet for excellent training to obtain my Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot License over a period of 3 weeks. The Flight Training Center has a modern fleet of aircraft and equipment to aid instruction. The high quality instructors are willing to go an extra mile making sure you achieve best results. Also it was great to exchange experience with other pilots in the Academy. Thanks again to the Air Fleet team for making me feel right at home.

Captain Phillip M. Williams

FAA Airline Transport Pilot, A320

I did my ATP with Air Fleet at CDW in NJ. CDW which is an amazingly friendly airport for training and the surrounding airports are also very accessible. Air Fleet’s management was most accommodating with all requests I had relative to my schedule. The environment felt very family like which made me feel at ease at all times.

Kyle was my instructor, this guy is very knowledgable, mature and patient. This is very important in training. I tried to find something that Air Fleet could improve on but I just couldn’t. Highly recommended by me if you’re thinking of a Flight School.

Michael Girsberger


I’m a certified private pilot (SEP land) living in Switzerland and have approximately 120 flight hours (Cessna 172 and Piper Archer). I was looking for a place to get some experience on a complex aircraft and do a scenic flight around Manhattan. Air Fleet was just the perfect place for me, easy accessible from Manhattan by bus (they pick you up at the bus stop in Fairfield). We did a flight on their beautiful Piper Arrow. My flight Instructor Kyle was very competent and easy going at the same time, so I had a very good time and experience. The Aircraft was in a perfect condition, well kept and maintained. The appearance of the flight school is professional and everyone is very kind and helpful. I am looking forward to come back soon, when visiting New York next time.

Frank Pokras

First Solo

It has been over twenty years since I first took to the sky as a student pilot with my father watching.  Somehow life changes when you get older, responsibilities get the way and completing my flight training was put on hold.  I am glad to say I have gotten back into it with my friends at Air Fleet. Matt Gomes, my instructor, while my junior, exudes maturity beyond his years and I entrust my life to him every time I am up in the air. I want to learn from the best and in the most up-to-date and safe equipment. Air Fleet has it. I strive to be the best pilot I can be one day for my family. Thank you Air Fleet.

Marc Castro

Professional Pilot

I started with Air Fleet way back in 2001 as a student pilot. I was immediately impressed on how the school was run. Air Fleet has very professional instructors, a competent syllabus, well maintained aircraft, and a generally very fun atmosphere to learn how to fly. My experience here was so positive that when I got my CFI rating this was the only school I ever considered working for. My time at Air Fleet as a flight instructor was one of the best in my flying career. Here instructors and students just enjoy flying and exchanging stories about their experiences in flight and in life. At one point we had as much as 8 different nationalities working together. It literally was one big, crazy, and happy family. Everybody got along and helped each other out. Air Fleet was such a fun place that we would have students and instructors who would just hang out in the school on a weekday even if there no flights due to weather.I left Air Fleet and flight instructing in 2011 to pursue a career in the airlines. I currently fly with PALexpress and my experiences at Air Fleet have helped me progress in all aspects of being a professional pilot. Air Fleet is a flight school that is head and shoulders above the rest. For years this school has produced smart and competent pilots and it will continue for years to come. It also serves as a great platform to start a career in flying. A lot of pilots who have passed through Air Fleet have since moved on to different paths of flying with great success. Happy flying!

Conleth Curley

A320 Captain Conleth Curley, EasyJet (Europe/Italy)

We just turned up unannounced – I wanted to do my BFR and I wanted my son to have an intro. Nothing was a problem, Air Fleet’s staff was very welcoming with Kyle giving us our ground instruction and taking us flying. It was a great day for both of us and we look forward to coming back and renting very soon!

Brian Volpe

Student Pilot

We just turned up unannounced – I wanted to do my BFR and I wanted my son to have an intro. Nothing was a problem, Air Fleet’s staff was very welcoming with Kyle giving us our ground instruction and taking us flying. It was a great day for both of us and we look forward to coming back and renting very soon!

Alex Beekman

Student Pilot

Flying is amazing, and Air Fleet has made this experience even more special. I have been flying for a couple years and recently completed my first solo. Due to the excellent guidance of my flight instructor, Warren, soloing was easy and fun. I am truly thankful for everything Air Fleet has done. Their excellent staff makes flying safe, enjoyable, and addicting.

Carol Ibrahim

Private Pilot

I got my Private Pilot License today with the grand help and care of Air Fleet Training. I originally toured Air Fleet a year ago and the flight school now is completely redesigned, highly improved and has a student-centered focus.  This is the third flight school I transferred to during my private pilot training. I was ripped off by the first two flight schools that were filled with dishonesty and lack of aviation integrity. They prolonged training to get more money. But coming to Air Fleet with 140 hours, I flew with Chief Instructor Kyle and he told me I’d take about ten hours to get my Private Pilot License, and so it came true that it took less than ten hours. Kyle knew exactly what he was talking about with keen observation and care. When I came to Air Fleet, what I noticed first was the happy family atmosphere, it was outgoing and healthy, and all the employees were filled with smiles and joy. It wasn’t a hypocritical facade as other employees in other schools that simply smiled just to enroll as many students as they can without really having an interest in the person.   I became attached to this school, I feel at home here, they’re like my family.The Director of Maintenance is astounding at how well he maintains the aircraft, always updating and keeping it well clean and comfortable in ALL the aircraft they have. All the aircraft are proficient and excellent in performance. One of the most experienced instructors with more than 16,000 hours flying, is Warren Loveless, and he encouraged me by telling me: “It’s not how many hours you have, it’s what you’ve done with them.”. Air Fleet is always striving to improve in training and student care.  I’m happy to say I’ve become a part of the Air Fleet team and family! =D

Annunziato Pirrotta

Private Pilot

To all pilots: in the 22 years of flying, I have visited many flight schools, but Air Fleet by far tops them all. They have a most courteous staff and superbly maintained aircraft. Looks like I will be flying with Air Fleet for all my future rental experience in the North East.

Thomas Zimmermann


First of all it might be interesting to mention, that I’m from Austria and I intended to do the US-conversion of my European Private-Pilot-Licence to get a full US-PPL. All this within the extreme short time-period of 2 weeks! It was merely a coincidence that the Air Fleet Training flight school was recommended to me in the beginning of 2013. And it was a genius coincidence. With lots of expectations and ideas (and also sorrows) I had my first contact with the chief flight instructor in April 2013. In advance I had to provide different data and information to certain organisations for the Alien Student Flight program. Not only at this stage, but throughout the whole approbation process Air Fleet school was a great support for all the paperwork. After a very warm welcome at the modern and top equipped flight school in the middle of July the almost impossible was made possible. Thanks to the efforts of the entire team of Air Fleet, I could do all the essential training and all the required exams within this extremely short time period.  As a Certified Cessna Pilot Center with in-house maintenance and an online reservation system together with highly motivated staff, Air Fleet Training Systems offers a perfect environment to gain experiences in one of the worlds’ busiest airspaces. If you make it there you can make it everywhere – according to F. Sinatra. These two weeks were certainly the most challenging and exciting weeks in my flight career and I really can advise any international flight students to come to Air Fleet Training at Essex County Airport in NJ. Go there and let your dreams come true. I did it and enjoyed every moment! And it’s up to you now…

Robert Galagan

PPL, IR, SELS & Glider Pilot more than 20 years of flying experience

I came to AirFleet training needing a BFR ASAP. Air Fleet arranged for me to do it that same day. I found the staff to be cordial and professional, and the facility was well-equipped, attractive and clean. John Beattie, the flight instructor I was assigned, was highly experienced and a naturally good teacher. Every time I take a BFR I want to learn something, too. I gained quite a bit of knowledge from John, which will make me a more proficient and safer pilot.I would recommend training with AirFleet to anyone who inquires.

Victor Pascual

PPL, IFR, Commercial Rating

I got my private, instrument and commercial ratings at Air Fleet Training Systems and have been renting planes from them for many years. I have always received highest level of customer service from the dispatch staff. And nowhere have I been able to find a fleet this well kept or this large.
The staff at AirFleet are consummate professionals and deeply passionate about aviation and sharing the excitement of flying with others. You sense it the minute you walk through the door. As with any higher education pursuit, I have found learning to fly is a sound investment. Air Fleet offers upgraded fleet of aircraft in the region. They pride themselves in having one of the best safety records in the business.The OnLine booking makes securing aircraft and instructor smooth and easy. My association with Air Fleet is very rewarding and I plan to continue this relationship into the future. Very clean flight school and the staff, instructors and airplanes are top of the line.I must thoroughly compliment the management, the instructors and the staff on your business (transforming the facility into a large student-centered flight school), your aircraft and your attention to details.

Marc Berhault

Private Pilot

From discovery flight to Certificate, Air Fleet is a wonderful place to experience and learn flying. With a good selection of planes and instructors and an efficient and friendly office, it makes an arduous process almost easy.

Aleksandar Tramosljika

Flight Enthusiast from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

My experience with Air Fleet Training Systems was just excellent! Instructors and staff from Air Fleet are very responsive and kind. They create a highly pleasant and exciting learning atmosphere. If you are looking for professional, quality and pleasant people to teach you how to fly – you are definitely going to find them at Air Fleet Training Systems.

Stepan O.

Old Tappan High School Sophomore, Student Pilot

I joined the school recently and can’t wait to come to my flight lessons. Air Fleet has very modern planes and experienced flight instructors. You feel special when you come to the school. I am looking forward to get my PPL.

Jeffrey Gomez

Private Pilot

I want to start by saying thank you, to the entire staff at Air Fleet Training Systems – you guys are true professionals. My flight instructor Warren Loveless is an extremely knowledgeable individual with years of experience in the field. I`m very grateful to have him as my instructor and would recommend him to anyone. Also I want to point out the great job you guys did renovating the facility it’s just beautiful. Conclusion:  I had a great experience, from being a student pilot to now a private pilot and wouldn’t have it any other way. I recommend anyone interested in learning to fly to stop by the school.